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Samhain Herbs - Simmer Pot

Samhain Herbs - Simmer Pot

Bring the aroma of Samhain into your home with our Samhain Herbs - Simmer Pot. This item includes instruction card on how to make your Samhain extra special with our simmer pot. We guarantee that your ancestor will feel welcomed on their visit to your home during the thinning of the veil. Try one today!

DISCLAIMER: This Simmer Pot should be keep out of reach of children and pets. The Simmer Pot is meant to be boiled in a pot and not consumed as it's ingredients can cause harm.

Samhain Herb - Simmer Pot was created on 10/17/21 by Sol Poppy Healing. It's content comes from the pages of it's shops grimoire. This is a family secret and as such we cannot disclose it's ingredients. ©Sol Poppy Healing. All Rights Reserved.


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