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Santa Boots

Santa Boots

Kiwi Jasper

💚 Heart Chakra 🧡 Sacral Chakra 🖤 Root Chakra

✨ Absorbs Nagativity 

✨ Tranquility

✨ Balance

✨ Stress Relief

✨ Aligns the Chakras

✨ Nurturing 

✨ Strength


Black Obsidian

🖤 Root Chakra 

Aids with grounding, removes blockages, repels negativity, and provides protection. Blocks psychic attacks, geopathic stress, and gets to the core of the problem. The perfect stone to use if you are doing shadow work.


Zebra Stone

🖤 Root Chakra

✨ Grounding

✨ Creativity 

✨ Goal Motivation


Green Aventurine

💚 Heart Chakra

Promotes healing of the heart to increase love meanwhile protecting the heart chakra. Provides property and abundance. Welcomes new friendships and dissolves negative emotional patterns while providing emotional calm.



💜 Third Eye Chakra 💚 Heart Chakra 💛 Solar Plexus Chakra

Increases will power, calming, transformation, and grounding. Assists with psychic vision, useful in psychic work, and scrying. Removes blockages from the past to allow healing to begin.  


💠 Item will be cleansed and charged before being packaged and shipped to you. 


    All sales are final. If there is a problem with your order, we will replace it within seven days of purchase. Refunds are available if the item is sold out. Any custom orders cannot be replaced.


    We ship primarily with USPS and UPS. All deliveries included insurance valued at the cost of your purchased product. If your package is lost, stolen or the content inside has been damaged during shipping, please notify us immediately at We will work with your carrier to resolve the issue.


    No. Item may vary from the one pictured. The image used is to show the type of product you will receive. All crystals and stones are unique and can vary in shape, size, and color.

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