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Who We Are

Sol Poppy Healing is a small Latina-owned family business created to serve your magickal needs. We focus on crystal apothecary, jewelry, gemstones, energy healing, tarot reading, and witchy supplies. When you shop with us you don't just become a customer, you become part of our sol tribe. 

Sol Poppy Healing Team

Healing Everyone One Crystal at a Time

Hi! We are Sol Poppy Healing. We began our small family business in 2017 but officially opened our online shop on May 30, 2021. We have a love for alternative healing, magick and mindfulness. Please join us as we embark on this journey together. Help us celebrate the triumphs the errors and the lessons as we put our energy out to the world. All the items in our shop have been carefully made and selected with love and lots of magick. We would like to give you a warm WELCOME to our shop and hope to fulfil many orders for you. 



Is a Chakra Healing Master and Tarot Reader. She began working with crystals when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After her diagnosis she went through a world wind of emotions. She was scared and didn't know what to expect. One thing she did know is that she wanted to incorporate alternative healing methods to work along side her treatment. She noticed a difference immediately after trying Chakra Healing and started working with crystals. She knew then that she wanted to share it with the world. Nochtli began her training in chakra healing with the mindset that she wanted to heal everyone one crystal at a time. She is an advocate of working with your crystals. As such, Sol Poppy Healing incorporate instructions and information about the crystals that you purchased into your shipments.  



Is a 6th graded in Elementary School. Rosy's favorite subjects in school is art and math class and she enjoys playing with her friends and siblings. Her introduction to crystals came by way of helping Nochtli with her healings as she went through the chakra healing program. Rosy immediately felt a difference in her concentration in school. School suddenly became easier for her and her grades improved significantly. Rosy fell a sleep many times during the healing sessions and woke the next day feeling relaxed. When Nochtli decided to open her store, she knew she also wanted to be part of it. Thus, a family business was born. Rosy often teaches her school friends about crystals and is also an advocate about working with your crystals. As she says, "sure they are beautiful to look at but you wont get the best reward unless you work with them." 


We'd love to hear from you! Any questions, comments or concers please email, text or call. 


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